Benga's Dragonite
バンジロウのカイリュー Banjirō's Kairyu
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Benga Dragonite
Benga's Dragonite
Debuts in Like Grandfather, Like Grandson!
Caught at Unknown
Evolves in Prior to Rival Resort!
Prior to Benga's Last Stand!
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Current location With Benga
147sMS 148sMS 149sMS
This Pokémon spent between 5 and 38 episodes as Dratini and at least 43 episodes as Dragonair.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Dratini Unknown Unknown
As Dragonair Unknown Unknown
As Dragonite Unknown Unknown

Benga's Dragonite (Japanese: バンジロウのカイリュー Banjirō's Kairyu) is Benga's first known Pokémon.

History Edit

Dragonite first appeared as a Dratini in Like Grandfather, Like Grandson! where he was sent out to battle Lewis' Aipom. After a hard-fought battle, Dratini ended up being defeated by Aipom, beginning Lewis and Benga's rivalry.

He appeared again in Insult to Injury!, where he witnessed the battle between Sawk and Aipom.

He appeared once again in Rival Resort!, where he was revealed to have evolved into Dragonair. He battled against Lewis' Swadloon and defeated it with Dragon Tail. Dragonair then fought against Lewis' Aipom and lost once again.

In Benga's Last Stand!, he was revealed to have evolved into Dragonite. He participated in the Unova League battle between Lewis and Benga. For the third time, Dragonite faced off against Lewis' Aipom and this time was able to defeat the Long Tail Pokémon. He then battled against Lewis' Dewott and nearly overpowered him with Hyper Beam. However, Dewott suddenly learnt Hydro Pump and was able to push back Hyper Beam and follow up with a super-effective Ice Beam, defeating Dragonite and allowing Lewis to advance to the next round.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Dragonite was shown to have a personality similar to Benga; that being very eager to battle. However, he is shown to take losing graciously. In Benga's Last Stand!, Dragonite relished the opportunity to battle Aipom again and was overjoyed when he finally defeated his rival.

Moves used Edit

Benga Dragonite Dragon Rush
Using Dragon Rush
Move First Used In
Dragon Breath Like Grandfather, Like Grandson!
Wrap Like Grandfather, Like Grandson!
Agility Like Grandfather, Like Grandson!
Dragon Tail Rival Resort!
Dragon Dance  Rival Resort!
Hurricane  Benga's Last Stand!
Dragon Rush  Benga's Last Stand!
Hyper Beam  Benga's Last Stand!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.