Silver Linings!
HS103   EP234
シルバーの物語! 榊の影から!!
Silver's Tale! From the Shadow of Sakaki!!
First broadcast
Japan December 28, 2017
United States
English themes
Opening Unknown
Japanese themes
Opening アローラ!!
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
Screenplay Template:R
Storyboard Template:R
Assistant director Template:R
Animation director Template:R
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Silver Linings! (Japanese: シルバーの物語! 榊の影から!!Silver's Tale! From the Shadow of Sakaki!!) is the 103rd episode of The Heart & Soul Series.

Major events Edit

  • The group learn about Silver's origins.
  • Silver is revealed to be the son of Giovanni - the former boss of Team Rocket.

Debuts Edit

  • Giovanni (flashback)

Pokémon Debuts Edit

  • Torchic (flashback)
  • Combusken (flashback)

Characters Edit

Humans Edit

  • Lewis
  • Nate
  • Lyra
  • Dracia
  • Silver
  • Giovanni (flashback)
  • Ariana (flashback)
  • Team Rocket Grunts (flashback)
  • Students (flashback)
  • Teacher (flashback)

Pokémon Edit

  • Aipom (Lewis')
  • Marill (Lyra's)
  • Gible (Dracia's)
  • Blaziken (Silver's)
  • Torchic (Silver's; flashback)
  • Combusken (Silver's; flashback)
  • Nidoqueen (Giovanni's; flashback)
  • Honchkrow (Ariana's; flashback)
  • Raticate (Team Rocket Grunts'; flashback)
  • Ekans (Team Rocket Grunts'; flashback)
  • Golbat (Team Rocket Grunts'; flashback)