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The Let's Go! Series
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Partner Powers!
最大のパートナー! ピカチュウとイーブイ!!
The Greatest Partners!? Pikachu and Eievui!!
First broadcast
Japan December 28, 2017
United States
English themes
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Japanese themes
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Animation Team Kato
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Storyboard Template:R
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Partner Powers! (Japanese: 最大のパートナー! ピカチュウとイーブイ!!The Greatest Partners!? Pikachu and Eievui!!) is the third episode of The Let's Go! Series.

Major events Edit

  • Lewis and Lillie meet Chase and Elaine for the first time.
  • Lewis and Lillie have a Tag Battle against Chase and Elaine and win.

Debuts Edit

Pokémon debuts Edit

Characters Edit

Humans Edit

  • Lewis
  • Lillie
  • Chase
  • Elaine

Pokémon Edit

  • Aipom (Lewis')
  • Clefairy (Lillie's)
  • Meltan (Lewis')
  • Pikachu (Chase's)
  • Eevee (Elaine's)

Trivia Edit

  • The devices that Chase and Elaine use to activate their respective partner powers resemble Joy-Cons.