Lewis's Rotom
ルイスのロトム Ruisu's Rotom
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Lewis Rotom
Lewis' Rotom
Debuts in Secret of the Chateau!
Caught at Old Chateau
Gender Genderless
Ability Levitate
Current location With Lewis
This Pokémon is fully evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Rotom Unknown Unknown

Lewis' Rotom (Japanese: ルイスのロトム Ruisu's Rotom) was the third Pokémon caught by Lewis in Sinnoh, and his ninth overall.

History Edit

Rotom first appeared in Secret of the Chateau! It watched as Lewis and his friends entered the Old Chateau in order to take shelter from a storm. Deciding to prank its visitors, Rotom began using its different forms to chase the others around, displaying the unique ability to change its forms at will.

When the rain stopped, the group decided to leave the house, saddening Rotom, who had enjoyed their company. When Rotom flew off, the group followed it to the basement of the Chateau, where they discovered an abandoned laboratory filled with electrical appliances. There, they discovered that Rotom was the subject of a scientist's research, who subjected Rotom to several painful experiments in order to force it to be able to change its form without the need for an appliance. Horrified at this revelation, Lewis realised that Rotom pulled pranks in order to make friends and offered it a spot on his team. Overjoyed, Rotom accepted and Lewis caught it in a Poké Ball. Immediately after being caught, Rotom popped out of its Ball and began pulling pranks with its new friends as they continued to Eterna City.

In As Green as Grass-Types!, Lewis decided to use Rotom as his second Pokémon in his Gym battle against Gardenia. It battled against Gardenia's Cherrim and quickly gained the upper hand by making use of its super-effective Overheat and Air Slash attacks. However, Rotom's premature celebrations caused it to stop paying attention to the battle and it was hit hard with Solar Beam. Despite this, Rotom managed to hang on and brave a Razor Leaf while charging in with Wild Charge. After knocking Cherrim back while it had been charging Energy Ball, Rotom began celebrating once again. However, it failed to notice that Cherrim had already launched Energy Ball prior to being knocked out and was hit head-on, knocking it out and ending the bout in a draw.

Rotom was used to battle Lucas and his Lickitung in Gettin' a Lick On! It's tendency to get overexcited in battle once again got the better of it, neglecting to switch out of its Wash form when Lickitung attacked with Power Whip. The supereffective attack was enough to knock out Rotom, winning the match for Lucas.

Rotom was used as Lewis' third Pokémon in his Gym battle against Crasher Wake. It was able to control itself in battle more and successfully defeated Quagsire with Leaf Storm. Rotom then battled Floatzel and quickly struck with Wild Charge and Leaf Storm in quick succession. Rotom then got overexcited again and attempted to attack with Wild Charge again, not noticing that Floatzel had set up Rain Dance. Floatzel's Swift Swim Ability allowed it to dodge and follow up with Ice Beam, defeating Rotom and losing the match for Lewis.

In Lewis' rematch, Rotom was Lewis' first choice, being sent out against Wake's formidable Gyarados. Rotom was able to defeat Gyarados by electrifying the water while approaching with Wild Charge before striking the Atrocious Pokémon with the super-effective hit. Rotom then battled against Quagsire, but lost this time around.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Rotom is a very hyperactive Pokémon, often racing around and refusing to stay still. It has a habit of pranking others, which was revealed to be its way of making friends, and often laughed as it did so. Rotom took a great liking to Lewis, who would often become the target of Rotom's shocks. Rotom always pops out of its Poké Ball when it wishes to do things, so much so that Lewis only has to mention Rotom's name for it to come out. Rotom's excitable personality can have a detrimental effect on its battling, as it will often excitedly celebrate landing an attack and not pay attention to its opponent, causing it to lose battles.

Behind Rotoms' fun-loving nature, lies a much sadder story. Rotom was previously subjected to several painful experiments by a scientist and, as a result, is able to switch between its forms without the need for an electrical appliance. Rotom seems to hold a grudge against the scientist that did this, but being with Lewis showed it that it can use this ability in battle to great effect.

Forms Edit

As a Wash Rotom As a Fan Rotom As a Mow Rotom
Rotom Pokédex Wash Rotom Rotom Pokédex Fan Rotom Rotom Pokédex Mow Rotom
As a Heat Rotom As a Frost Rotom
Rotom Pokédex Heat Rotom Rotom Pokédex Frost Rotom

Moves used Edit

Normal Rotom Edit

Lewis Rotom Shock Wave
Using Shock Wave
Move First Used In
Shadow Ball Secret of the Chateau!
Shock Wave Secret of the Chateau!
Wild Charge Secret of the Chateau!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Other forms Edit

Lewis Rotom Leaf Storm
Using Leaf Storm
Move First Used In
Hydro Pump Secret of the Chateau!*
Air Slash Secret of the Chateau!*
Leaf Storm Secret of the Chateau!*
Overheat Secret of the Chateau!*
Blizzard Secret of the Chateau!*
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

Trivia Edit

  • Rotom is Lewis' first Electric-type, as well as his first Ghost-type.
  • Rotom is Lewis' first Pokémon that is not part of an evolution line.

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