Mars's Talonflame
火星のファイアロー Kasei's Fiarrow
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Mars Talonflame
Mars' Talonflame
Debuts in Fletchling's Burning Passion!
Caught at Route 4
Evolves in Fletchling and the Swamp Battle!
Riding the Winds!
Gender Female
Ability Flame Body
Current location At Prof. Juniper's laboratory
661MS 662MS 663MS
This Pokémon spent 52 episodes as Fletchling and 14 episodes as Fletchinder.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Fletchling Unknown Unknown
As Fletchinder Unknown Unknown
As Talonflame Unknown Unknown

Mars' Talonflame (Japanese: 火星のファイアロー Kasei's Fiarrow) is the first Pokémon caught by Mars in Kalos, and his third overall.

History Edit

Talonflame first appeared as a Fletchling in Fletchling's Burning Passion! Seeing Fletchling's passion for battling, Mars became determined to capture her. She battled against Mars' Chimchar and was defeated by Fire Punch. Mars then proceeded to catch Fletchling in a Poké Ball.

Fletchling was used in the first round of the Battle Chateau Tournament in Spinning up a Chateau Storm! It battled a Trainer's Starly and won.

In A Sky High Battle!, Mars used Fletchling in a Sky Battle against a Trainer and her Mandibuzz. Despite putting up a good fight, Fletchling was no match for Mandibuzz's power and was defeated by a powerful Dark Pulse.

In Fletchling and the Swamp Battle!, she battled against a wild Carnivine, who was causing trouble for the Pokémon living in a swamp. She was immobilised by Carnivine's Bind, but managed to break free by evolving into Fletchinder. With her newly-learned Flame Charge, Fletchinder was able to defeat Carnivine and it made peace with the other swamp Pokémon.

Fletchinder was used to battle Tierno's Swellow in the second round of the Battle Chateau Marsh Class Tournament. The two Pokémon battled evenly, but after a long battle, Fletchinder finally emerged victorious, allowing Mars to move on to the semi-finals.

In Riding the Winds!, Mars and Fletchinder were practising using air currents in battle. They were soon challenged by a master Sky Trainer and his Drifblim to see how far they'd come. Despite struggling initially, Fletchinder was able to gain the upper hand, but was soon flung into a cliff by Drifblim's Psychic. This caused Fletchinder to evolve into Talonflame and learn Brave Bird. With her new form, Talonflame was able to expertly ride the winds and defeat Drifblim.

In A Stationwide Panic!, Mars used Talonflame alongside Lewis' Greninja to battle against Ingo's Excadrill and Emmet's Archeops. Talonflame focused on fighting Archeops and was able to gain the upper hand rather quickly. However, the battle was interrupted when a train is stolen from the station.

Talonflame accompanied her Trainer to the Unova region in A Unova Homecoming!

Mars left Talonflame at Professor Juniper's laboratory when he decided to accompany Lewis to Alola.

Personality and characteristics Edit

Talonflame is a Pokémon that loves to battle, a trait she has displayed right from her debut. She is not afraid to try new battling techniques, such as Sky Battles and using air currents to her advantage. Despite her love for battling, she dislikes getting dirty and is often seen cleaning herself after a battle.

Moves used Edit

Using Brave Bird
Move First Used In
Quick Attack  Fletching's Burning Passion!
Aerial Ace Fletching's Burning Passion!
Flame Charge  Fletchling and the Swamp Battle!
Brave Bird  Riding the Winds!
Heat Wave  A Stationwide Panic!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case or there are fewer than five known moves.

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