マツリカ Matsurika
Artwork from Sun and Moon
Gender Female
Eye color Grey
Hair color Blonde
Hometown Seafolk Village
Region Alola
Trainer class Trial Captain
Specializes in Fairy-types
Anime debut Seafolk Lore!
English voice actor Unknown
Japanese voice actor Unknown

Mina (Japanese: マツリカ Matsurika) is a minor recurring character and Trial Captain in The Sun & Moon Series.

History Edit

Mina first appeared in Seafolk Lore!, where she met the group as they arrived on Poni Island. Mina had a brief battle with Lewis, which was interrupted by the arrival of Hapu. Along with Lewis and his friends, Mina listened to Hapu's story about the Altars of the Sunne and Moone.

Mina reappeared in Old Faces, New Trial!, where she explained to Lewis how her trial worked. She refereed each of Lewis' battles against the other Trial Captains and later joined them to preside over Lewis' battle with the Totem Ribombee. After Lewis managed to defeat Ribombee, Mina awarded him the Fairium Z.

Mina reappeared once more in Leagues Above the Rest!, where she, alongside the other Trial Captains (save for Acerola), watched the Alola League on television. She continued to make several similar appearances throughout the duration of the League.

Pokémon Edit

On handEdit

Mina Ribombee
Ribombee is Mina's first known Pokémon. It usually remains outside of its Poké Ball. It first appeared alongside its Trainer in Seafolk Lore! and was seen cheering Sylveon while she battled Lewis' Aipom. Ribombee also appeared in Old Faces, New Trial! and Brave the Totem Winds!.

None of Ribombee's moves are known.

Debut Seafolk Lore!
Mina Sylveon
Sylveon is Mina's second known Pokémon. She appeared in Seafolk Lore!, where she battled against Lewis' Aipom. Sylveon managed to infatuate Aipom with Attract and then hit him with Moonblast, but Aipom was able to shake off the Attract and attack with Thunderbolt. Before either Pokémon could continue, Hapu arrived and called off the battle.

Sylveon's known moves are Attract and Moonblast.

Debut Seafolk Lore!