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The Sun & Moon Series
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Ultra Origins!
SM112   EP994
ウルトラホールから出てくる! ウルトラ調査隊!!
Emerge from the Ultra Hole! The Ultra Reconnaissance Team!!
First broadcast
Japan December 28, 2017
United States
English themes
Opening Catch The World With A Throw
Japanese themes
Opening これまで
Ending ポーズ
Animation Team Kato
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Storyboard Template:R
Assistant director Template:R
Animation director Template:R
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Ultra Origins! (Japanese: ウルトラホールから出てくる! ウルトラ調査隊!!Emerge from the Ultra Hole! The Ultra Reconnaissance Team!!) is the 113th episode of The Sun & Moon Series.

Major events Edit

  • The group meet the members of the Ultra Recon Squad for the first time.
  • The group learn about the Legendary Pokémon Necrozma.
  • The group encounter Tapu Koko again, with the Ultra Recon Squad meeting it for the first time.
  • Lewis has a battle with Tapu Koko and wins.
  • The Ultra Recon Squad learn about Z-Moves.
  • Lewis receives a Z-Power Ring from Tapu Koko.

Debuts Edit

Humans Edit

  • Ultra Recon Squad
    • Phyco
    • Soliera
    • Dulse
    • Zossie

Pokémon debuts Edit

  • Poipole (Ultra Recon Squad)
  • Necrozma (fantasy)

Characters Edit

Humans Edit

  • Lewis
  • Mars
  • Ailey
  • Lillie
  • Phyco
  • Soliera
  • Dulse
  • Zossie

Pokémon Edit

  • Aipom (Lewis')
  • Chimchar (Mars')
  • Meowth (Ailey's)
  • Cosmog (Nebby)
  • Dartrix (Lewis')
  • Turtonator (Lewis')
  • Ninetales (Lewis'; Alola Form)
  • Golisopod (Lewis')
  • Cosmog (Lewis')
  • Rhydon (Mars')
  • Charjabug (Mars')
  • Marowak (Mars'; Alola Form)
  • Crabominable (Mars')
  • Primarina (Mars')
  • Toucannon (Ailey's)
  • Salazzle (Ailey's)
  • Mareanie (Ailey's)
  • Stufful (Ailey's)
  • Geodude (Ailey's; Alola Form)
  • Tapu Koko (anime)
  • Poipole (Ultra Recon Squad; debut)
  • Necrozma (fantasy)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode of the sixteenth season; Pokémon ULTRA Sun & Moon.
    • Catch The World With A Throw replaces OK! as the English opening.